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There is increased Camera security systems concern in homes as reports of crime, rape, violence, and abuse increase. Desperation, abuse of drugs and bad behavior due to wrong habits are pushing individuals to commit crimes and indulge in activities which society disapproves of. A camera security system in your home is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury.

This then raises a fundamental question: how secure is your home? 

Having worked so hard to build your own home or move into the exclusive neighborhood you wanted since your first job, you have to claim and secure your progress in life. 

Installed security cameras would go a long way to give you certain assurance and peace of mind. It’s not always you are at home with a rungu to guard your property, or awake at night to monitor trespassers and idlers lurking around your space.

Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in your Home

Use of Camera Security Systems to Reduce Crime by deterring Criminals

TechWizard Solutions CCTV- Camera Security System for Homes
Burglar breaking into a home 

Real security cameras pose a big threat to criminals from carrying out a crime. The cameras can help trigger alarms, identify the individuals and make them abort their operations once they note a camera security system is in place. Evidence gathered through the video recording assist in prosecution, investigations, and re-claim of stolen or vandalized property.

Law Enforcement and Investigations on Crime

Police play an important but difficult role in maintaining law and order. With increased crime rates, they get overwhelmed looking for criminals and solving crime cases. 

The CCTV cameras installed in homes and houses record incidences as they happened. Police can use these videos and images to pursue, capture and prosecute the culprits in the law courts.

TechWizard Solutions CCTV monitor

Check on Activities at Home while away…

As a career person, you might force to work late into the night or leave early in the morning for work. Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and IP Cameras would be handy for you to check on the events at home, even while you are away in the office or on another business trip in a different location.

Through remote monitoring, you will be able to check on live updates or check back on recorded video. Also, you can have live conversations with the children through the speakers and cameras or give instructions to the house help.

Claim Insurance Compensation

In most modern homes and houses, expensive furniture, electronics, and equipment form part of the household. These items are costly and can insure against theft or incidence such as fire or vandalism. You can claim compensation from insurance companies in case certain losses as covered. Security cameras provide footage and evidence which you can use to validate your claim.

Low Maintenance Cost

Professionally installed cameras at home are a great investment to you as the owner or lease. They need little maintenance for the great service they provide. Routine check-up from a camera expert and wiping off dirt and grime is sufficient to keep the cameras running year after year. You can add or replace the cameras over time as technology advances and needs change.

TechWizard Solutions CCTV-remote access to security camera footage on smartphone.
Accessing CCTV footage on your smartphone is possible thanks to advancing technologies (Courtesy Platinum Security).

Monitor Your Pets

If you love pets and happen to have one at home, security cameras offer a great deal of help in monitoring their location and behavior without you necessarily being present. You would be able to note a change in behavior and take necessary actions.

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