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CCTV surveillance is not a new thing in Kenya. But as a person who has been looking to buy CCTV recently, you will find out that their prices vary. Why do we usually have huge differences?  How should you make sure you get the exact value for your money without spending a fortune on CCTV? I have taken my time to compare and analyze CCTV Camera Price In Kenya and below is what I found out.

Why Prices May Vary

My Bosses’ friend recently had CCTV cameras installed on her home. It was confusing to find out that my neighbor had the same number of cameras installed for half the price. This triggered me to look further into why such differences may occur. I went ahead and talked with 12 different consumers and technicians. Here are a few factors that I found out to have affected the price of the CCTV cameras

  • CCTV cameras brand
  • Installation service
  • Quality of the cameras and expected footage
  • Remote access and connectivity
  • Cameras efficiency during night time
  • The CCTV system capabilities
  • Number of cameras

How To Choose Cost-Effective CCTV Cameras For Your Needs

The following are tricks you should use to get the best deals to buy CCTV cameras in Kenya.

Do Prior Research And Understand Your Desired Product

For starters, this may look a bit obvious but it’s very easy for you to overlook. Always know what you are looking for. Not knowing what you need gives the salesperson freedom to sell you whichever they want. In Kenya, it is common that most salespeople are money-oriented rather than solutions-oriented. They will get you either the most expensive set that you did not need. If you bargain too much, they will sell you the cheapest set which will be a headache. This is because their main aim is more of making the sale than helping you solve your problem.

The best way to know what you want is to look it up on the internet. You can also talk to a specialized technician who understands CCTV cameras. For large projects, I recommend having a site survey done by experienced CCTV experts. They will help you make decisions that will solve your problem without getting broke.

Common properties to look for to determine the best CCTV cameras to choose include:

  • The areas and angles you need to cover,
  • The lighting during the night,
  • Your footage quality expectations at night,
  • Whether you are having the cameras installed outdoors or indoors,
  • Whether you need remote surveillance access and
  • The duration in which you need to playback footage.

Consider The Brand You Are Choosing.

Common CCTV camera brands in Kenya include Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Idis, and Honeywell. The reasons why the brand is important when choosing are:

i. Your scalability needs. If you will need to add more cameras later, you need an available brand in the market. Also, one that is compatible with other brands may work.

ii. Remote access and playback software. Each brand has different software. Some have ease of access, security and privacy, and availability on different devices. For example, compatibility with mobile phones and desktop computers.

Check If The Price Includes Installation

CCTV Camera Price In Kenya may vary with different suppliers. This is because some of them may have installation costs included in their prices. When comparing the prices, confirm if the price includes installation cost. If not, consider it in your budget.

Understand The Footage You Are Looking For.

Do not expect your CCTV Camera Price In Kenya footage to look like your smartphone camera footage. Do some research on the quality of the footage you are expecting from your selection. You may not understand what HD, 1.3 megapixel, or 720p means if your field is not media-related. A simple trick is to google samples of footage from different brands and models.

Check Your Remote Access Needs

In most cases, you will need to view your security footage live from locations far from your property. But in some cases, all you may need is to be able to playback in case of an incident, or you are always within the premises. This may save you some money since you will y not need an extra router to connect your CCTV set to the internet.

Determine Your Nighttime Coverage Needs.

In simple words, cameras with detailed color footage at night are more expensive. Those with black and white footage are cheaper. If all you need is to record moving objects or to keep security records, back and white at night will work.

Optimize CCTV Cameras’ Positions On Your Property.

Before you proceed to buy your desired CCTV set, have a well-strategized plan of how to place the cameras. Knowing where to position a camera will increase its coverage area. This will definitely save you one or two extra cameras. That’s another reason why having a skilled technician perform a site survey is important. They will always provide brilliant ideas on the placement of cameras. You may end up buying a 4 channel set instead of an  8 channel set and save the balance.

Kenya is a business country. I’m assuming by now you have understood why some CCTV Camera Price In Kenya may be different. I’m also sure you can identify whether a vendor is overcharging you or having a fair price. It is now clear that there are many determinants to the prices you get. Always be aware when the deal appears too good and investigate why. Good luck getting the cost-effective solution for your surveillance needs.

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