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Who We Are

TechWizard Solutions CCTV is based in Nairobi, Kenya

Our team is composed of the digital marketing team, technical sales, and support staff. All of who are committed to offering a seamless experience to our esteemed customers.

With us, you are guaranteed value-based camera security products, services and solutions that meet your needs. Your security concerns will be fully met to the best of our ability. It will be worthwhile your invested time and money, as far as security surveillance is concerned.

TechWizard Solutions CCTV Kenya was formed and incorporated as a full registered business in February 2021. It is a fully integrated and running company that has specialised in camera security systems.


Based along Munyu Road, Nairobi, TechWizard Solutions CCTV Kenya is focused on providing surveillance and security systems solutions to both homeowners, and the business community.

To consistently identify and meet customer security concerns and offer timely, value-based solutions to minimise the risks associated with crime in Kenya. We strive to work with the best security brands in Kenya and reduce crime by offering camera security solutions.

Our Mission is to be the leading security cameras solution provider in Kenya and East Africa.

Do you need CCTV cameras in Kenya?

Contact TechWizard Solutions CCTV now and we are more than ready to make you our esteemed customer.

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