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The initials CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. This means the transmission of data inform of video footage is within a specified and restricted network as opposed to traditional broadcast as in Tv sets. In this article, let’s discuss CCTV in Kenya.

History Of CCTV Cameras

Closed-circuit television technology was first invented by a German, Walter Bruch to monitor weapons during World War II. This wartime technology has evolved and in 2021, CCTV has become a necessity in most settings. Homes and businesses are now resolving to streamline their security requirements using CCTV.

What Are The Requirements For CCTV Camera Installation In Kenya?

Data obtained as footage in cameras is primarily used by the owner who conducts installation. This makes it necessary for governing acts to be enacted so that individuals and businesses do not end up abusing this freedom. Different states or countries have different laws regarding CCTV installation so be sure to check for specific guidelines to ensure you are law compliant. Your consultant can also be a useful resource when offering related advice.

How Many Types Of CCTV Cameras Are There In Kenya?

There are different types of units available made by different top brands that will enable you to meet your security demands. They include:-

  • Dome cameras
  • Bullet CCTV,
  • C-Mount CCTV,
  • Infrared/Night Vision cameras, High-Definition CCTV,
  • Explosion-proof cameras,
  • Thermal cameras,
  • IP/Network cameras,
  • Day/Night CCTV,
  • Nanny CCTV
  • Wireless CCTV

Each type serves a specific purpose as suggested by the names. Different variations also denote advancement in technology and features.

How Many CCTV Manufacturers Exist In Kenya? Choosing The Best.

Your local consultant has probably stocked a wide variety of CCTV surveillance products. It can prove to be a daunting task settling for one that will serve you in the long haul. Several, quality-centric brands exist that will do a great service to you. They include:-

  • Samsung
  • Hikvision
  • Dahua Technologies
  • Bosch
  • Axis Communications
  • Vantage
  • Vivo Tek
  • Uniview
  • CpPlus
  • Grandstream

CCTV Cameras In Nairobi Kenya; Where To Buy

BigTech Solutions offers quality products from the world’s accredited manufacturers at incredible prices. We believe in establishing good relationships with our clients as they undertake their security journey. All our products meet and surpass market standards. You are also guaranteed support throughout your experience with our services.

CCTV Surveillance. What Are The Components Of CCTV System?

There are 4 main components of CCTV systems. While looking to install cameras at your place, ensure you obtain the latest upgrades in the mentioned components for better functionality.

The first element is which camera type you want to use. Analog/Internet Protocol (IP)? Internet Protocol cameras are the latest invention in town with increased capabilities and smooth functionality. If you prefer something old school, analog cameras can get your job done as well.

The second element is the recording systems. Here, we have Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR). In case you settle for IP cameras above; the NVR system will easily integrate with it and offer you a smarter and flexible experience. However, a DVR set will still function well for the average consumer. Differences lie in prices and compatibility.
The third element is deciding on a monitor or screen. This enables you to get visuals; images and footage captured by cameras. Always strive to match the resolution of your cameras with that of your monitor for the best experience. Use 1080p or 4K resolution for a clear and crisp view. Applies to your choice of cameras as well. There is no limit as to how many monitors you need to have.

This depends entirely on your needs with the ability to scale or remove in the future.
Lastly, you need to have Video Management Software (VMS) that controls your DVR/NVR system. This software does the job of helping you save time when finding, isolating, and extracting the most specific moments in your recorded footage. Always go for a compatible and easy-to-use interface because no one wants to be lost in the sea of gigabytes worth of footage.

CCTV Cameras: Best Uses And Applications

As mentioned, since their evolution, CCTV cameras have proven to be a prerequisite in modern-day security. They are widely applied in large to medium-scale industries/businesses as well as residential units that require monitoring. Individuals have also understood its importance in enhancing home safety.

Applications Of CCTV Cameras

Public Safety. Footage captured by cameras helps in the prosecution of criminals by law enforcement officials.
Stadiums and sports arenas. CCTV cameras help in monitoring crowd composition and ensuring social distancing is adhered to especially in this Covid 19 era.

Parking. Smart devices such as the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras assist with recording the number of vehicles available at given times in parking spaces as well as tracking stolen vehicles through their huge database.
Retail stores and warehouses. Monitor employee performance and discourage criminal activity. They also enhance productivity by reducing lousiness. Cameras are also used in scanning barcodes in large-scale warehouses hence more processing speed.

Restaurants/Hotels/Bars and Casinos. CCTV helps in the management of front space activities from the back end while deterring suspicious criminal activity.
Hospitals and Schools. New and improved cameras are being used in reading body temperatures which reduces contact and personnel required to do the job manually.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of CCTV Installation?

Having eyes glued on the ground for you is definitely an experience we all crave. A lot of benefits come with having a CCTV system at your business or home such as;

Pros Of CCTV Camera Installation

Feeling of safety. Cameras pose a psychological effect on criminals who tend to think twice before carrying out offenses. In general, people tend to feel secure especially at night knowing there is a lookout for them.
Cost-effective alternative to security. Cameras reduce overall security personnel on the ground. Some insurance companies also offer lower premiums to customers who have installed CCTV because it provides evidence in the time of tracking crimes.
Peace of mind. While on vacation, family members get to worry less about their property back home since solutions to watch footage remotely are available. Thanks to technology. The same case applies to business people who conduct other activities without having the urge of micromanaging their employees.

Cons Of CCTV Installation

Privacy breach. Individuals who own the system store the footage on a hard drive.. Some end up using it inappropriately especially footage obtained from public spaces. This data can also fall into wrong hands in the case of a malicious cyber-attack on servers.

Not a total solution. While cameras play a significant role in crime reduction, there remains a certain percentage that requires the incorporation of additional mechanisms to enhance coverage.

CCTV units are expensive. Installing cameras has never been a cheap undertaking. Settling for advanced smart models over analog further adds figures to your budget. Up to now, this option is reserved for individuals who truly value the benefits they want and are willing to part with good amounts of cash.

In conclusion, spending time learning about products we are just about to purchase saves on time and ensures we get value for our hard-earned money. Always consider quality over price while leveraging on technology. Happy buying.

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