How much does an alarm system cost in Kenya? Leave a comment

Basic Alarm System:

  • Entry-level Systems: Starting from KES 10,000 and can go up to KES 30,000.
  • Includes: Keypad, basic motion detectors, sirens, and minimal monitoring capabilities.

Intermediate Alarm System:

  • Mid-range Systems: Typically between KES 30,000 and KES 60,000.
  • Includes: Control panel, multiple motion detectors, door/window contacts, glass break sensors, sirens, and remote monitoring options.

Advanced Alarm System:

  • High-end Systems: Can start from KES 60,000 and may exceed KES 100,000 for complex installations.
  • Includes: Comprehensive coverage with a sophisticated control panel, numerous sensors, high-decibel alarms, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, CCTV integration, and smart home compatibility.

Monitoring Services:

  • Monthly Monitoring Fees: Around KES 1,000 to KES 5,000 per month, varying by the level of service and response you choose.

Keep in mind that additional factors such as installation fees, maintenance contracts, and any customization can also affect the overall cost. It’s best to obtain quotes from several security companies in Kenya to compare prices and services for the alarm system that suits your needs and budget.

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