Is Your Child Safe at Home?

Keep your children safe with the help of nanny cameras

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Perfect For

Busy Parents

Nanny Cams are perfect for busy and working parents, help them check on their babies when they are away from home.

Giving You

One Less Worry

These nanny cams are a solution to your worry, you can monitor your kid whenever you’re too busy to be with them.

And Let's Not Forget

Peace Of Mind

With one of our nanny cams you can see what’s going on with your kids, be at peace and enjoy your time.

The Happy Families We Have Served

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation of a bulb camera is easy, you just need to replace your normal light bulb with the bulb camera. You will install an app on your phone that will guide you on how to configure remote access.

Yes, we use courier services to deliver within and outside Nairobi.

Yes, you can. You have control over installation of CCTV inside the premises you have rented. In case you need to monitor anything outside your rented premises, get consent from your landlord.

Yes you can. You just need to have an active internet connection where the CCTV is installed and internet on your smartphone. We provide clear instructions and demonstrate how to monitor your CCTV footage remotely once we install them.

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