Alarm System PIR Detector Wireless 2022


Color: White
Material: Plastic
Working Voltage: 9V
Quiescent Current: less than 25uA
Alarm Current: Less than 15mA

alarm system


KSh17,500 KSh19,999

Alarm System PIR Detector Wireless 2022

Wireless Alarm System PIR Detector’s latest technology now allows you to receive intruder notifications by SMS or voice recording! The all-new intruder alert system is already being used by security companies to alert their clients of a possible intrusion. No monthly subscriptions, no big intrusion surprises this hi-tech yet simple.

To install system complements your existing alarm or works as one standalone alarm. Its uses are countless if something gets opened or if someone intrudes upon the secured area. Then you automatically receive an intruder alert SMS or voice alert on your cell phone. Max 6 numbers it works like a cell phone which automatically calls you or SMS you when it is activated.

Uses of Alarm System PIR Detector:

– Being wireless the system can be taken anywhere, can be used in your home when you’re on holiday, or be used at your office or warehouse to detect a break in’s widely used for businesses and stock rooms, safes and strong rooms, shops, kiosks, supermarkets, to detect burglars before they ransack and damage property and theft.

What’s included:
– You receive the main wireless ac 220 v GSM unit with 24-hour battery backup and 10 zones up to 4 wireless zones can be used (e.g. PIR and door contact) and 6x wired zones (outside beams(optional) and wired PIR and door contacts) optional.


  • 1x wireless door contact – 100 to 150-meter transmitting distance to the main unit,
  • 6x wireless PIR motion detector – 20-meter detection area and 100-meter transmitting distance to the main unit,
  • 1x 110 DB siren,
  • 2x wireless key fob remotes for arming, disarming, and panic button,
  • 1x AC charger to charge the main unit on standby as a result,

You can load commands into the main unit and up TP 6 prefix numbers. Which would send you the intruder alert SMS or voice call when a break-in occurs. You can also arm and disarm your Alarm System PIR Detector from your cell phone. Have a two-way speakerphone on the loudspeaker and listen in on the intruder. Setup takes 5 minutes and that’s it. you’re secured



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