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IP Camera Systems or Internet Protocol cameras are the new hybrids to the old school surveillance system. The old system relies upon live footage over network connectivity. The system uses WIFI to send you notifications wherever you are. In case there is a need to alarm you.

IP Cameras are the New Revolution

Keeping old school surveillance systems running can be quite a pain in the back. You can often associate these systems with high maintenance costs in upgrading or replacement of worn-out software and hardware. Additionally, they are likely to fail you at the time you needed to have them running.
They come packaged as a whole set of reliable units that deliver faster processing of footage captured. The footage gets stored in the cloud or your local network
IP Cameras offers Remote Monitoring
IP cameras relay data to a cloud-based system or local network. It offers you as the user the ability to interact with live footage from wherever you are. It could be through a phone or laptop, wirelessly. So, you have knowledge of happenings in your place of work or home. This contributes to faster action and decision making

. If you travel a lot, then this is probably one of the getaways to being at two places at once. Okay, not literally. But imagine that.

IP Cameras offer the latest Video Analytics Technology

IP cameras come with revolutionary state-of-the-art software. The developers have programmed it to alert you when someone is committing a crime by setting off an alarm. Ideally, this cuts off the need to hire someone to sit behind screens. Watching endless footage waiting for that moment when a crime occurs.

IP Camera Systems are Easy to Install

The package comes with an easy-to-use manual. It enables a new user to easily plugin and has everything running within minutes. After setup, the final thing to do is download simple software. Once done, you will have the whole system at your fingertips, however, you want to access it.

IP Cameras offers High Image Quality

When you need to zoom in to an image or footage for clear identification, IP cameras come in handy with high resolution compared to analog surveillance systems.
Scalability and Flexibility
A time comes when the current cameras on-site become less as compared to the areas you want to cover. With IP cameras, you simply add on new cameras. Whether you need them in the basement or around the backyard. Onboarding them is pretty easy with no additional costs such as cabling.

Reliable and Durable

Now that this article might have convinced you of the benefits you will get from choosing an IP camera system. The most important being the fact that you can always count on this system to deliver results over time. Bundled up in one powerful package you enjoy flexibility, convenience, and compatibility that come at a ridiculous effective cost.

Ease of Meeting Regulatory Requirements

Many security law requirements need you as a business owner to retain footage for a specified period. This period could extend to several months. Keeping such big data in an offline system can be a daunting task. It can be a real nightmare in case something interferes with it. The new system uses Network Video Recorder [NVR] which is incredibly faster.


Upgrades and maintenance of analog surveillance systems make them quite expensive. IP CCTV offers the extreme benefit of faster action when it comes to such events as burglary. Setting off the alarm and issuing notification when a crime happens scares away burglars which is a bonus.

Built on Existing Infrastructure

Packed as a compact unit, an IP camera system works well with what you have at your premises. No extra costs of building additional structures to hold it in place. You get to save more time and resources. And you will acquire a long-lasting durable and reliable unit that will serve your security needs.
Looking for advanced technology in the surveillance world? IP CCTV is the answer with tons of benefits over the traditional model as discussed above. Be sure to contact your consultant for more information. It will help you get started and make a proper purchase decision.

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