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BigTech CCTV

It has been a great and fulfilling journey to get here where we are now. Growing a business from scratch requires resilience, focus, and determination for one to reach set goals.

Since we ventured into the security surveillance systems business, we have grown from being unknown into one of the fastest-growing companies in Kenya. Daily, we service hundreds of customers with inquiries, quotes, and order fulfillment.

The security surveillance market is still new in Kenya. However, many people are realizing the importance of having security systems installed in their homes and business premises. Listening to inquiries from potential customers and providing solutions to them has made us both relevant and valuable in their purchase journeys.

First-time buyers have a rough time in figuring out the best brand to associate with, value for money, and useful insights into what they are buying. There is no denying that many get raw deals and feel less confident in buying the camera security systems, yet the same is becoming a necessity.

As we turn the page to engage the second half of 2021, we are optimistic about a better business environment. The first half was characterized by rough waters that challenged our resilience to keep on. Our persistence is paying off, but we still have a long way to go.

We look forward to serving you better. It can only grow through creating value and adapting to the changes that are occurring in the market. Welcome you to our shop and seek to connect with you online through our social media handles.


TechWizard Solutions CCTV

Founded in 2021, BigTech CCTV has quickly filled the gap between the demand and supply of camera systems on a limited budget. 

Many customers desire to acquire camera security systems for their homes and business premises but are limited financially. Also, negative perceptions towards cameras limit their efforts to seek the best alternatives that are within their budget.

Kenya’s security cameras market is still unexploited, hence immense potential to be tapped into. BigTech is taking up strategic positioning as the partner of choice to a discerning clientele, to meet their diverse needs.

Our range of products and services offered includes:

  •  Free consultation on camera security systems for clients
  • A range of quality security camera options to choose from for installation
  • Installation of the security systems in homes as well as business premises.
  • Security Camera maintenance and repair.


To be the leading security cameras solution provider in Kenya as well as East Africa.


We strive to work with the best security brands in Kenya as well as reduce crime by offering camera security solutions. To consistently identify and meet customer camera security concerns as well as offer timely, value-based solutions to minimize the risks associated with crime in Kenya. 


Email: info@bigtechcctv

Mobile No: 0717 704 825 / 0726 176 458

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Instagram: @bigtechcctv_ke

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