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Palisade fencing is a popular choice for security in Kenya due to its high strength and intimidating appearance. Consisting of tall steel posts with a pointed top, palisade fences make it difficult for intruders to climb over.

2. Electric Fencing

Electric fences provide a strong psychological deterrent and can effectively prevent trespassers from entering a property. They deliver a non-lethal electric shock to any potential intruders, which is especially useful in deterring wildlife in rural areas of Kenya.

3. Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire is often installed at the top of other fence types to provide an extra layer of security. Its sharp edges can cause serious injury to anyone attempting to scale the fence, making it a formidable obstacle.

Chain-link is a cost-effective and versatile fence that’s widely used for both residential and commercial properties in Kenya. It can be enhanced with barbed or razor wire to increase its security level.

5. Mesh Panel Fencing

Mesh panel fencing is known for its rigidity and durability. The tight-knit pattern of the mesh panels makes it difficult to climb or cut through, providing reliable protection for properties.

6. Anti-Climb Fences

Anti-climb fences are designed with narrow gauge mesh or curved tops that make scaling the fence incredibly challenging. These are commonly used for high-security installations, such as embassies or military bases.

7. Stone Wall Fencing

Often seen surrounding private homes and estates, stone wall fencing not only provides security but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the property. It can be topped with electric wires or razor coils for enhanced security measures.

8. Concrete Fencing

Concrete fences are robust, withstanding harsh weather conditions and attempted breaches. They offer a high level of security without the need for additional deterrents.

9. Expandable/Retractable Fences

These fences can be stretched or retracted as required, offering flexible solutions for temporary events or changing security needs.

10. Wildlife Barriers

Specifically designed to keep wildlife out of farming areas and highways, these barriers are pivotal in reducing human-wildlife conflict in rural Kenya. They typically involve electrified fencing or reinforced mesh wiring.

Each type of fencing offers its mix of security features, aesthetics, and price points—allowing Kenyan property owners to choose an option that best meets their specific security requirements and budget constraints.

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