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How burglars break into and have been on the rise in Kenya. Owning a home or business is a privilege for most people in Kenya. It is a result of hard work and years of good planning. It involves heavy investment, money-wise. 

Kenyans who cannot afford to own a property seek lease contracts. They pay for leases on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Unfortunately, hard-working Kenyans become a target to criminals and burglars. Once they suspect or get the information you are the proud owner of a given premise, you become a target. People will always notice if you are doing well, and they will talk.

Whereas your concern is ensuring your family is comfortable, criminals think otherwise. They will be planning and be scheming on how to rob you. 

In a work environment, burglars are always looking for opportunities. They take advantage of your vulnerabilities to break in and steal valuables. You will lose a lot if you fall victim to their schemes.

How do burglars break into homes and business premises? 


A Home: Most secluded homes are vulnerable to burglaries.

You will always be a target of criminals and burglars. Whether you stay in an apartment or stand-alone property, there is a probability you may fall victim. 

Forced break-ins, burglaries, and even hijacking as owners get home have become common. Setting up proper security mechanisms to prevent such occurrences is necessary.

Burglars break into most homes through:

1. The front door: they pick and twist the doorknob or door lock and get in. If the doors get left unlocked, it makes their access even easier.

2. They enter through the back door

3. Garage that is not properly secured and shut.

4. Windows-on the ground floor or first floor

What will make your home a target to burglars?

Your home could be a beacon for thieves, hijackers, and burglars because of many reasons. 

You will be an easy target to criminals if your home is located in a remote, secluded area. You can be waylaid on a wet, night by robbers. They can force entry to your unsecured home, rob your family and even cause physical harm to you.

  • Landscape: 

Your home is vulnerable to attacks when the landscape favors criminal activities. A secluded location with dense uncontrolled vegetation, rugged landscape put you at risk. Criminals can hide and get away with crime with ease.

  • Architectural design: 

Some architectural designs may be appealing to the eye but an easy target for break-ins. 

 Burglars can scale the perimeter walls, see-through low glass windows, and enter the house. The landscaping, entrances, and certain features obscure views of the entrances. This makes it too easy for burglars to access, enter, and get away.

How to protect your home from Burglars. 

  1. Lock and check on the locks and locked areas regularly to ensure they are secure
  2. Set up outdoor security lights. Outdoor lighting will be lit in the compound. Dark will be well lit and made less attractive for burglars to hide and attempt to break into your home.
  3. Engage professionals in your house designing and landscaping. The functionality of features in your home should get considered. Security of your home should get priority over aesthetics.
  4. Your driveway home should be well lit and clear of bushes to avoid hijacking and ambushes by criminals.
  5. Get a trained dog or two, if you can afford and have a large compound.
  6. Invest in alarm and access control security systems.
  7. Report any persons and cars you suspect in the neighborhood or on your compound
  8. Set up and install quality security cameras
  9. Have someone look over your home when you are away.

Business Premises


Office Premises have many valuables such as work equipment, electronics, and stationery which attract criminals.

Business premises get occupied by hired workers and owners on lease arrangements. Some business premises which get occupied by the owners themselves. 

Burglars and criminals target such premises to take equipment, money, and sensitive documents. Office stationery and electronics fetch a fortune on the black market. 

Part of vehicles, machines, and equipment also attract criminals’ attention. They will attempt to break in and lay their hand on them.

It is thus important to secure such business premises. The office suites, compounds, and sites should be always secured under lock and key. A security guard will be necessary.

Burglars can pick a lock or enter the office, building, or site by force. They can smash a window, use a crowbar to force entry through a window or door. Some burglars break through the building wall with explosives, sledgehammers, and drills.

Security Measures to Deter Burglary in Business Premises.

  1. Buy and install a high-quality CCTV Camera at the business premises. Check the premises both on-site and off-site.
  2. Set up alarm systems and alarm codes. The alarm could be silent or be visible and loud through a siren.
  3. Secure and change your locks and keys regularly.
  4. Install an access control system with smart door locks, numeric access codes, etc.
  5. Lock away valuable items and even cash in safety deposit boxes.
  6. Hire a security guard or security firm to provide professional security services.
  7. Conduct surveillance security audits regularly. Put in place the recommendations.

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