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Can CCTV systems help in combating domestic-related abuse?

In summary;

  • Domestic violence is at an all-time high, heavily propagated by the necessity of working from home.
  • CCTV systems installation at home is a must-have for individuals seeking to have peace of mind.
  • Security cameras have evolved and there are more options of how information relayed and interpreted.
  • Smart CCTV cameras offer features such as SMS chats, alarm triggers, and onboarding family and friends as guardians all linked through a mobile application.

Covid 19 has brought about massive disruption beyond measure since its onset back in 2020. Not only are people resolving to new methods of survival but also stay-at-home cases mark it all. Most companies have adopted systems to enable their employees to conduct their daily assignments from home, business as usual. Well, at least that is how everyone is comforting themselves.

Working from home literally means having to spend a lot of hours indoors mostly glued to a screen because that is how one is able to interact with other colleagues. To many, this a dream come true. I mean, who would like to be dealing with traffic on a daily while commuting to a physical office and having to part with a given amount in form of monthly commuter expenses? Definitely working from home saves on expenses and gives people the freedom to typically work in their pajamas.

Different Solutions

Other people have different opinions concerning this whole issue of working from home. This group composed of men and women who live with abusers and now they have to be around them daily, their every move monitored. Global Goggle searches for “national domestic abuse hotline” shot by a whopping 250% as compared to years preceding the pandemic. This means people are in desperate need of help.

Technology companies are trying their level best in innovating solutions that are smart enough to offer much-needed assistance in emergency situations. A traditional surveillance system previously installed in homes of domestic violence victims can turn out to be a more cause for trouble. Consider a scenario where say the husband, being violent towards the spouse has access to 24-hour footage of the whole homestead. He monitors each and every move made, online activity, and any other people entering or leaving the home. This leaves the victim totally helpless and depression begins setting in. kindly note that this is just an example and could be spouse against each other or whichever relationship people have with each other.

CCTV system cameras with smart technology designed to work against domestic violence

Apart from spouse-related domestic discrimination, there is also the issue of rogue nannies who do a whole bunch of inhuman treatment towards children. Check out the press or do a simple internet search about nanny incidences in homes and you are bound to shocked. Innocent children have been frozen to death in fridges while others sustained major physical injuries. Getting professional nannies is quite expensive and most parents seek out cheap ones who turn out expensive later on.

How do Smart CCTV cameras work?

Smart CCTV systems are the only guaranteed solution to this growing problem. Many CCTV systems surveillance camera manufacturers are introducing smartphone apps that connect with CCTV databases. Where information regarding violence easily relayed in real-time. This way action can take promptly thus saving someone from assault or even saving lives.
SMS chat with 24/7 professional monitors, discreetly triggering an emergency alarm. While pinpointing a user’s GPS. The ability to designate family/friends to receive alerts. One of the features that play a major role in enhancing security.
In conclusion, security at home spans beyond the borders of just having cameras installed. It involves making sure you are able to obtain full benefits without compromise. In case you have not yet installed cameras in your home. You definitely should contact your accredited local consultant. Insist that they offer you advice on smart models available. Such models as discussed offer discreet monitoring and reporting which offers you the peace of mind you need.

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